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Kalp Ayurved is a leading Ayurvedic healthcare company in India

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Kalp Ayurved Medical & Research Centre also known as Kalp Ayurved is a leading Ayurvedic healthcare center/clinic in India and is based in Noida which is undertaking extensive research and efforts in the formulation and creation of various Ayurvedic products. Our qualified and highly professional team of doctors and health professionals is dedicated towards designing our Ayurvedic services in such a manner that it creates a positive and helpful effect in the lives of the patients and facilitate them in maintaining their health.

Do you have a problem? Do not worry as our appropriate solutions are specially designed for you and your loved ones. We have made sure that our Ayurvedic products are developed with maximum herbal extracts and produce best health results for you. Our dynamic and experienced team is determined towards its objective of undertaking intensive research to find new and better ways to cure common health disorders and diseases.

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Why Kalp Ayurved?

In Kalp Ayurved Medical & Research Centre our doctors identify your health needs and provide you herbal medicines and products at your doorstep







Correct your eating ideas

What we eat has a profound effect on our mind as well as the body. It is not only important as to what we eat, but it is equally important as to how we eat.

No Smoking

Say No to Alcohol

Be Vegetarian

Say No to Preservatives

Start Organic Farming

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Watch our videos to get a deeper understanding of how Ayurveda works to help you lead a healthier, happier and balanced life.

Our Doctor

is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physician in India, an eminent personality with strong vision of taking ayurvedic treatment internationally for curing acute and chronic disease.

Presently, in order to improve the health and lives of his fellow countrymen, Based on his deep medicinal experience of 25-30 years, he has created Kalp Kit made up of various herbs and ingredients to cure lifelong diseases and disorders of patients. Under his guidance, the Kalpa Ayurved family is creating products based on the principal of Mahrishi Bagbhatt and Mahrishi Charak for various curable and non curable diseases like high B.P, low B.P, diabetes, jaundice, heart blockage, heart attack, depression, OCD, piles, sexual weakness, women diseases and other disorders.


Kalp Ayurved is a leading Ayurvedic healthcare company in India

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