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Kalp Ayurved is a leading Ayurvedic healthcare company in India

Combining science with Ayurveda to offer healthcare needs

Kalp Ayurved is a leading Ayurvedic healthcare company in the country which is undertaking extensive research and efforts in the formulation and creation of various Ayurvedic proprietary medicines. Working tirelessly along with professionals in Ayurveda and highly qualified doctors, we have designed our products to create a positive effect in the lives of the patients and leave a lasting impression on them.

Got a problem? Don’t worry; we have the right solutions for you and your loved ones. All of our Ayurvedic products come up with maximum herbal extracts and are created with sincere efforts so that you get the best results. Our team of doctors and Ayurvedic health professionals are doing intensive research to find new and better ways to cure common health disorders and diseases.

Why Kalp Ayurved ?

Why pay heavy fees of the doctors when you can avail a free online consultation with our experienced Ayurvedic physicians? Lifestyle disorders are becoming an increasing trend these due to our poor choices of health and lifestyle activities. To get an initial and detailed assessment of your lifestyle by our Ayurvedic physician, contact us.

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Kalp Ayurved can help you cure various diseases

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disease are caused by an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a kind of joint inflammation causing immense pain to millions of patients across the world.

Weight Loss

Worldwide millions of people are facing obesity or weight issues but struggling to lose weight.


It is a common inflammatory disease of the lungs in which the airways become inflamed. It affects millions of people in the world.

The Three Doshas

Then there are the three doshas (bodily humors): vata, pitta, and kapha.

Kalp Ayurved

Kalp Ayurved offers Ayurvedic solution to all your health problems

About Kalp

Kalp Ayurved was founded in India in the early 2017 to promote healthy lifestyle with the usage of authentic Ayurved.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic medical system. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally means as the knowledge of life.

Vision Mission

Kalp Ayurved continues to advance the use of Ayurvedic practices around the world.